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Make Recycling Easier with Recycle Minnesota

Single Stream Recycling for Residential and Commercial Sources

Single Stream Recycling

Recycle Minnesota makes recycling easier and more convenient. We accept and process single stream recyclables from residential and commercial sources. Single Stream recycling allows for all recyclable materials to be mixed together and put into a single container for collection. This makes recycling simple and increases the amount of materials recycled.

High Recovery and Quality Materials

Recycle Minnesota is committed to high recovery and high quality materials. We focus on collecting materials that can be recycled and finding end markets for these materials. This ensures that the materials are recycled properly and are not sent to landfills.

Residential and Commercial Sources

Recycle Minnesota accepts single stream recyclables from both residential and commercial sources. This allows for more people to be able to easily and conveniently recycle their materials. We work to make the process as easy and accessible as possible, so that more people have access to recycling.

2 Processing Lines

Commercial Single Stream and Source Separated Cardboard – Direct Bale

Residential Single Stream/Mixed Recyclables – collected by route trucks

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