What We Do

How does it work?

Recycle Minnesota accepts and processes single stream recyclables from residential and commercial sources. Single Stream recycling makes recycling more convenient and increases the amount recycled. We focus on high recovery and high quality materials to send to end markets.

2 Processing Lines

  • Direct Bale for Source Separated Material
  • Single Stream/Mixed Recyclables – collected by route trucks

Recycle Well

To make recycling truly sustainable we must educate people on the process, benefits and capabilities of the MRF Both young and old can benefit and find out what it truly means to Recycle Well. Recycle Minnesota counts on all of you to RECYCLE WELL. We work closely with local government and national organizations to develop best practices when it comes to recycling. We promise to do our best to educate the public on the best way to put recyclables into your curbside container. If you want to learn more on how to RECYCLE WELL, we offer 2 options:

Recycle Minnesota Learning & Training Center (LTC)

In our LTC you can learn about what materials can be recycled and how the materials are processed through our state of the art recycling facility. An overview map allows visitors to see an overview of how the material moves through the MRF. Our interactive map allows visitors to view a short video and narrative of each area of the MRF.

Recycle Minnesota Mobile Learning Center (MLC)

If you have a group (organization) or an event where a trip to the MRF is difficult, let us come to you. Our Mobile Learning Center can provide you the information you need to present to the audience you are trying to reach.